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Get a healing harmony session  to reconnect yourself with your soul in 30 minutes!

Just choose a time to have a break for yourself to be aware of the energy-flow.

About The Energy

Healing Harmony is touching your soul on a deep level.

It reconnects you with yourself - and with the highest energy we all come from. Your psychic energy level increases while you get more and more relaxed. Healings can happening as a side-effect...

Based on this connection we can go a step forward and I can analyze what inner / outer changes would be good for you. Afterwards we can make this happen easy.

For more information Call me at: 561-344-9924

This is me, Elisa :-)


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    energy supported goal acchievment
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    psychic analysis
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    disease support
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    harmonize energies and chakras
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    find a new way in life
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    change making support
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    children support
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    animal support

The Key Benefit of Working With Me is a


100% Success Guarantee

Call me at: 561-344-9924

What My Clients Say

“Like a sun that goes through my body...”

“Awesome, you're really on track. Impressive. Like a sun that goes through my body while my fingers were tingling. Everything was correct and your solutions were the best.”

April J.

“Left the clinic...”

“My daughter was able to think clearly again, willing for a job - that was not possible for months before... She left the clinic in less than 2 weeks after the energy.”

Joko Mendoza

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